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why is this dude wasting his fucking money on cigs when hes not gonna smoke em your fucking metaphor isnt worth that much homie get a job 

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Anonymous asked: If it's not too much trouble could you do an imagine where I have a boyfriend that abuses me and harry (who has a crush on me) finds out and gets really mad



It’s no trouble at all! Thanks for requesting! :)
You winced when you heard the door slam shut. You knew your boyfriend, Jason, was home, and drunk as hell. “Y/N!” he screamed/slurred from the front room. You hesitantly got up and walked to the front room, where he was standing with an empty beer bottle in hand. “There you are, you bitch,” he said, coming on to you and kissing you hard and rough. “Get off me, Jason, you’re drunk,” you said, pushing him off. “FUCKING BITCH!!” he shrieked, lifting his arm and bringing the beer bottle down on your head, knocking you unconscious.
When  you woke up, Jason was nowhere to be seen. You checked the time on your phone, and it read 2:45 AM. You picked up your phone and dialed your best friend, Harry’s, number. It rang a few times before he answered. “Y/N?” he asked in a sleepy voice. “Harry…” you said before bursting into tears. ”Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked. “C-can you bring me to a hospital?” you asked in a shaky voice. “Yeah, just let me put on some clothes, I’ll be over in 10,” he said before you hung up. You were grateful he hadn’t asked why Jason hadn’t taken you. You pulled your legs to your chest and continued to sob quietly. 
Ten minutes passed, and Harry hadn’t gotten here yet. You figured he was close by, just got caught up trying to put on his pants or something. You were wiping away the tears from your eyes when Jason stumbled out into the living room, still drunk. “Y/N! Where are you?” he sang before his eyes met yours. “Ready for me now?” he asked, pinning you to the floor and leaving sloppy kisses on your face and neck. “Jason…” you whined. You heard a soft knock at the door, and realized Harry had arrived. “Come on Y/N,” he slurred. “JASON STOP!!!!” you screamed. “BITCH!” he screamed back, slapping you right as the door swung open.
"GET THE FUCK OFF HER!!" Harry shouted. Jason jumped and stood up to face Harry. "What are YOU going to do about it? She’s MY girlfriend," he taunted. "She deserves way better than you, you bastard," Harry growled. Angered, Jason started towards Harry, but Harry just lashed out in a punch, knocking Jason to the floor. His eyes wandered over to yours and he raced over, kneeling down beside you. "Y/N? Are you okay?" he asked, the hatred in his eyes replaced with concern. "I-I think so. Can we go to the hospital now? I think I have a concussion," you asked. "Of course," he said, picking you up bridal style and carrying you down the stairs and to his car.
"How long?" he asked when he sat down. "A few months now," you whispered. "Why are you still with him?" he asked. You shrugged. "Sometime he’s how he used to be, the Jason I fell in love with," you answered quietly. "Y/N, you deserve someone so much better. Someone who will treat you right. Someone like me," he said. You looked up in surprise. He grabbed your face and pulled you in for a kiss. You were shocked, but kissed back. You let all your emotions melt away into the kiss, and fell hard in love with your best friend.


this gets me every time

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madieleigh22 asked: Harry imagine you have a shark bit scar. He sees it and gets mad because you are a marine biologist specializing in sharks about to go on a research expedition.



Thanks for requesting!
"Don’t leave meeee," Harry, your boyfriend, whined. "Harry, I have to go. I’m about to go on an expedition," you told him. "What kind?" he asked, perking up in interest. "Sharks, same as always," you told him, sliding on your shirt you have to wear for work. "What’s that?" he asked. "My shirt…?" you answered, confused by the question. "No…that," he said, lifting up your shirt and pointing to the scar running down your side. You bit your lip, unsure if you should lie or tell him the truth. He narrowed his eyes at you, and you decided to go with the latter.
"I was on an expedition once and a shark got me. It wasn’t anything bad, I’m fine," you told him, yanking down your shirt. "If a shark got you one time, why the hell are you going out? Just because you didn’t get killed that time doesn’t mean you won’t!" Harry said, raising his voice in panic. "Harry, it’s my job. I can’t just not go. Plus, there’s medics there in case I get hurt. That was only one time anyway, I’ll be fine," you assured him. "You’re not going," Harry insisted. "Now you’re acting like a child. I’ve been on plenty of expeditions since that day, I promise you I’ll be fine," you said, grabbing his face and kissing him.
He frowned when you pulled away. “Please be careful,” he whispered, a sorrowful look on his face. “I will, I promise. When we get home we can watch some movies,” you promised him. “Okay!” he said, smiling. You couldn’t help but laugh at how quickly your boyfriend could switch moods.


need I say more

Anonymous asked: Can you do an imagine about ashton and me are going out and we secretly live together he drives us to school but cas he is popular and im not u dont think that we are dating so when a pap snaps a picture of you and ashton making out at his car everyone gets the magazine and ask his questions when he yells out i love you (y/n) and walks up to you and kisses you when the bell goes he picks you up and pushes you against the wall (you can take it from there P.S ur writing is amazing i love them



Thank you so much omg :) Thank you for requesting!
"Y/N, hurry up!" Ashton called, poking his head into the doorframe. "I’m coming, hold on," you replied, swinging your backpack over your shoulder and hurrying out of the room. "Are you okay?" he asked, concerned. "I’m fine, I just have a big algebra test today," you said, grabbing an apple and running to the door. "Relax, you’re gonna o fine," he said, smiling. You pecked his lips, smiling, before hurrying out the door.
"Thanks for driving me, Ash," you said, climbing into the passenger side of the car. "No problem babe. We live together anyways," he said, smiling.
When you got to school, Ashton parked in a spot rather far away. “I don’t wanna go,” you said, frowning. “I’m sorry baby,” Ashton said, leaning over and kissing your lips. Things got heated, but were interrupted by soft clicks coming from outside the car. You both spun around to see you were surrounded by paparazzi. “God dammit,” Ashton groaned. You gave him a small smile and stepped out of the car, fighting your way through the mob of cameras.
The next day, when you and Ashton walked into school, everyone seemed to have a magazine in their hands. They’d look up and see you or Ashton, then turn to one of their friends and begin to whisper to their friends. “Hey Irwin, I knew you were desperate, but I didn’t think you’d stoop this low,” some asshole called. Ashton turned around, clearly mad. “Fuck you! I love Y/N. By the way, your hand called, it wants another date for tonight,” Ashton spat. The guy was pissed, but neither of you cared. Ashton pinned you against the wall and began kissing you roughly.
You two were still kissing when the first bell rang. “Fuck, we’re gonna be late,” you whispered against his lips. “I don’t care,” he whispered back, picking you up and carrying you into an empty supply closet. “You’re insane,” you giggled. “If you’re quiet, we won’t get caught,” Ashton said, smirking. He pinned you against the wall again, grinding his hips softly onto yours. You let out a soft groan, which Ashton cut off by kissing you hard. “You’re gonna have to keep quiet baby,” he whispered to you.
He slid his hand down your stomach and into your jeans, inserting two long fingers in you and pumping right away. “If you can keep quiet, I’ll eat you out, okay?” he whispered. You nodded, biting your lip. Ashton lowered himself to his knees, sliding your jeans down slightly, just enough so he could stick his tongue in. You bit your lip hard to prevent yourself from moaning. Small squeaks escaped your lips as you tangled your fingers in Ashton’s hair. He arched his fingers and began to hit your g-spot, sending you over the edge. You came, and he quickly cleaned up the mess.
You held Ashton against the wall, yanking down his jeans and boxers. You held a finger to your lips, indicating for him to be quiet, and took him in. He let out a groan before slapping his hand over his mouth. You hollowed your cheeks and began massaging his balls softly. You looked up at him to see he had his head thrown back, his mouth still covering the moans slipping out. “Fuck Y/N,” he cursed. You deepthroated him, and he let out a too-loud moan, cumming into your mouth.
"Shhh," Ashton hissed. "What?" you asked. Just as Ashton yanked up his boxers the door swung open to reveal the janitor. "Damn kids. Follow me," he growled, motioning us out. "I told you you’re insane," you told Ashton. "Don’t worry babe, we’ll finish this when we get home," he said with a wink.

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